Today I Saw An Old Friend

Posted by victoria on October 9, 2014

Today I saw an Old Friend.  Relieved to notice her first I began to shake and feel faint.

It has been year, maybe four.  All in the blink of two moments I retraced our meeting, our affinity, our sharing, our laugher, our tears.   Moments of joy and anger as well.

And then she saw me too.  Her smile was sweet.  Her hug genuine, and mine back.

Her eyes said a thousand things, and her mouth said hardly anything.

It should have been awkward given the circumstances, but it wasn’t. It was beautiful and precious and somehow restorative and closing all at once.

Sometimes the Universe has to hold you in its beautiful arms while you break down to the nothing and find everything.

I can’t tell you the reasons we are only Old Friends and not Now Friends.  Mostly because I don’t know them.

But I can tell you that I cried a bit when I turned away… I cried a bit knowing there was no more to be said than two minutes worth of heart. But heart to heart it was.

We hugged and we parted ways.  I wonder if that is the end of the story.

Some people come in for a moment.  Some a few hours.  Some for days and months and even for years.  But when the door is closed they are gone.

For this life at least.

Maybe to be seen on a next go-around.

I am thankful for our serendipitous meeting.  I am thankful for the times we shared.  I am thankful for the distance too.

It all served purpose.

Sometimes we have to tear it all down to allow ourselves to be built back up.

I will be built with stones of turquoise.  My walls will be fashioned with rubies.  My gates of emeralds and sapphires.  And all my children will be taught by God.

Sometimes we just have to tear it all down.

I saw an Old Friend today. And I think I feel sad.